1. What is the capacity of the Agency in providing officers and rating on board ships 1. Engage on seafarer deployment all over the world with sufficient numbers of qualified, competent and experienced seafarers while a sufficient pool of seafarers are on stand-by.
2. How Ship owners/Managers can save on overhead expenses in terms of dispatch and repatriation of seafarers? 2. Reyna Shipping Services, Inc. is strategically situated in the heart of Davao City for the past twenty years of crewing services serving mostly Japanese Shipping Managers. Banana fresh carriers regularly plying Davao-Japan run. Reyna Shipping hired seafarers will join in the port of Davao City and repatriation for vacation will also be in the port of Davao City. Hence, no airfare expenses incurred in the part of Shipping Owners since we hire seafarers who are residents from Southern Mindanao.
3. What is the set-up & internal organization of Reyna Shipping 3. There is crewing department responsible for processing & documentation, who efficiently runs the selection, preparation and dispatch of seafarers in full coordination with the Principals. Aside from the management and operational level staff, we have another group dealing with crew matters attending their needs while vessel is in the port of Davao. An ON-BOARD Competency Base Assessment will be Conducted for strict implementation of the vessel’s Safety Management System, Crew Continuous Evaluation Report System for crew’s competency determination.
4. Does Reyna Shipping Services, Inc. operate any In-House Training for Refreshing seafarer’s knowledge? 4. Yes, In-house Training is offered atleast two weeks before seafarers returns on board, on competence Defining System, Human relations, Principal’s company policy and ISPS Code and others.
5. What is the retention rate of seafarers within Reyna Shipping? 5. We target to have 90% retention rate of our seafarers. We always give priority to our ex-crew with good, deserving and competent records.
6. Communication between Stevedores and Crew 6. We believe that one advantage of having Filipino Seafarers onboard your managed vessels is the better communication between the seafarers and the stevedores due to the fact that yours vessels regularly ply Davao. Hence, you can expect smoother cargo handling operations.
7. What additional services, can Reyna Shipping offer to it’s value Principals? 7. OJT Program. We have an OJT (On-the-Job) program for our applicants wherein we put them onboard our manned  vessels here in Davao for us to evaluate their actual performance and capability. This is an advantage for the principal since they do Deck and Engine work hence requirement for cleaning gang and land based machine repairs expenses are minimized.