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Our Services
Listed below are some of the services Reyna Shipping provides in order to comply with clients needs and our objectives:

I. Recruitment of Officers and Ratings with the necessary experience suitable to the demand of our world class Shipping Owner’s.

II. Ensuring that Seafarers have the right documents required for each vessel type; reefers, bulkers, tankers and containers.

III. Processing of Seafarer’s contract and visa to be able to join the respective vessel assignment on time.

IV. Keeping up a good relationship with a pool of Seafarer’s that will be available for engagement on short notices.

V. Arranging of required Flag documents.
  1. Crewing / Manning
    Crewing / Manning
    By assuming the time consuming task of recruiting, screening, interviewing, selecting and hiring, we will help you gain more time to devote to other areas of operations.
  2. Husbanding
    We will take care of your vessel’s documents in any port in the Philippines thus improving your efficiency and avoiding demurrage fees.
  3. Chandling
    We provide the necessary provisions for the best interest of our principals. We supply, inspect, purchase and deliver the essential goods.